KABOOM Sports Photography understands the importance of capturing all of your special moments. This is why we not only offer great action photography for your team or league; we also offer team and individual portraits.

As of now KABOOM Sports Photography is the ONLY company in the COUNTRY that can take your team pictures and print them onsite. If your team or league is looking to make a change in your photography provider or if you’re a new league looking for great pictures, you've come to the right place.

KABOOM Sports Photography will provide:

  • Custom designed products for each organization.
  • Your team logo and colors may be incorporated into many of our products for a more personal look.
  • Fastest delivery in the business of all orders  (PRINTED ONSITE)
  • FREE 5x7 Custom thank you team photo for each coach.
  • FREE Digital team photo for use on your team or leagues website.


Having been involved with youth sports as an athlete, coach and a photographer, I have the advantage of understanding the scheduling and organization of team photo day from all sides.  I believe that this gives us a unique advantage in working with coaches, kids and team representatives.

We take great pride in making picture day run as efficiently as possible for everyone involved. First, the day and time is scheduled far enough in advance to allow coaches and parents enough time to prepare their team and athletes.

We also encourage photo day to be scheduled early in the season to help make sure that the photos are delivered to the teams in a timely manner. This also allows us plenty of opportunity to re-schedule teams due to bad weather or other circumstances.

On picture day, I will bring an assistant who helps make sure everything stays organized. Our assistants work with the coaches and parents to answer questions and provide assistance with placing orders. This allows our photographers to concentrate on providing you with the best photography possible.

KABOOM Sports Photography will work closely with your league in scheduling all photo days and re-scheduling in case of inclement weather.

Parents are able to reorder photos at any time after the shoot date, on the www.KaboomSportsPhotography.com website.

KABOOM Sports Photography guarantees satisfaction on all photos. Questions or complaints will be handled directly by the photographer. Customers will have the choice of having the photo re-taken at our expense or their money refunded.

Remember, not only do we provide great team and individual portraits we also offer unique action photography for your team or league. Don’t forget about KABOOM Sports Photography when scheduling your tournaments.  We offer onsite viewing and printing and online archival of all your special memories.

Contact us for more information and browse our website to view past events by Clicking Here.

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